Morning in Sagres/Afternoon in Lagos

After a nice cappuccino at the Italian Espresso cafe on the other side of town, I walked back along the beach route and decided to check out the hotel gym for a much-needed workout. It was surprisingly well-equipped and empty.

I’ll do some research before heading to Lagos. I asked the receptionist to arrange for a taxi to drive me there rather than taking the local bus which makes a dozen stops and takes over an hour. The ride was worth the €40.

The taxi driver was entertaining, telling me how awful and corrupt the Portuguese government is. I just listened.

The hotel in Lagos is charming. My suite has two bathrooms and could easily accommodate 3 adults. It even has a little kitchen. The receptionist was helpful with restaurant and beach suggestions.

Down the street I found a little bar that served cold-pressed juices. The owner is a young guy who bought the house and rehabbed it into the bar and patio on the first floor and three rental units above. He even built a terrace on the roof. The juice was great. I hung out by the quiet hotel pool before walking down to the beach and into the center of town. Like Sagres, Lagos is a big surfing town, although quite a bit larger. I went into the recommended surf/bike shop and scheduled a bike pickup for the morning since they rent out quickly. I’m looking forward to exploring the area.

All of the travel finally caught up with me and I’m planning an early bedtime. Tomorrow should be a fun day.

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