Back to Lisbon

The train from the Algarve arrived in Lisbon around 11:15 am. I grabbed an Uber to my hotel, The Altis Grand, in the Príncipe Real district, about a 15-minute walk from where I stayed in Chiado last month. I used points for the two-night stay, and will get an Airbnb from my original host for Sunday and Monday nights. When I planned the trip in August, I left the return trip to Lisbon open in case I wanted to stay in a different area. Since Lisbon is such an “it” city right now, I couldn’t find an Airbnb for four nights, but this solution is fine.

My Nashville friends spent the day in Sintra, so I explored the neighborhood a bit. The hotel is in the upscale part of town, near the Avenida Libertad, Lisbon’s Champs-Elyseé. All of the Paris and Milan couture places are here, but I noticed that they weren’t too busy. The erosion of the “wealth effect” is showing.

After a quick bite, I visited the former palatial house of António de Medeiros e Alameida, a Portuguese tycoon who lived from 1906 to 1987. He was an avid collector, particularly of clocks and watches. He also had a vast collection of art, religious artifacts and French and English furniture from the 16th to 19th centuries. He turned his collection and the palace over to his foundation to ensure its future as the Museu Medeiros e Alameida.

Got back late from the 4-hour dinner at Belcanto and will post about that tomorrow.

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