Upper Bucks County Oddities: October 19

Upper Bucks County still retains much of its rural charm and isolated and sparsely-populated townships, dotted with 18th century farmsteads and country inns and large state parks and woodlands. In high school, we used to make late-night visits to spooky places like Ghost Mountain and Beverly Hall, where the Rosicrucians still maintain a campus in the middle of a dense woods. Ghost Mountain, actually Haycock Mountain, Bucks County’s highest point, was rumored to have a haunted wooden bridge and a house of albinos who would abduct trespassers. These legends apparently still persist.

Visiting Beverly Hall is always a bit nerve-wracking, as the Rosicrucians don’t like trespassers. I remembered that it was beyond the swamplands on Axehandle Road. We only saw one man near the main building, so I jumped out to take pictures of the pyramids and outbuildings before jumping back in the car at the edge of the property.

Around the corner stands the Weisel Youth Hostel and barn and trails to Nockamixon State Park. I always loved the old limestone walls around the hostel, which is now sadly closed and crumbling.

No road trip to Upper Bucks would be complete without a visit to owowcow creamery in Ottsville, among the best ice cream places in the country.

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